Guessing Games!

Yeah, this shirt no longer fits
Guessing game #1:
I took the mason jar I found to the bank the other day. Guess how much it contained?


Add that to the $3.77 I had previously found, plus the $.50 Craig found on a run to meet me last week, and I'm up to $10.44 for the year. Wa-hoo!

Guessing game winner was Wendy Z, who guessed $6.00.

Now, for Guessing Game #2:

How many miles have I logged during the first 20 weeks of this pregnancy? I'll post a blog later today with the total and a brief weekly synopsis.

Just a little bit bigger yet
Some hints:
-I only logged one 100 mile week. I was supposed to have many more, but found myself taking unplanned days off or opting out of a double or two during a week. Guess there was a reason my brain just didn't want to get out the door some of those days!

-The week before the Fast and the Furry 5k, week 18 of pregnancy, I logged just 36 miles, taking 3 days off that week.

Comment below & look for a post later today!

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