Not sure what to do

I took Sunday and Monday completely off. Yesterday (Tuesday) I went out for a short (45 min) classic ski. I woke up today and my legs still feel a little tired. Ug!

I'm torn: I think I have 3 options. First, I could take the rest of the week completely off. No running, no rollerskiing. (I hate taking time off -- I realized these last few weeks how much I like to run/ski/workout, and how much I like to see what my limits are, how far I can go, etc!)

Second: I could ski the rest of the week. Give my "running" muscles a rest, but this would also give me much needed time on rollerskis. I feel very behind in my training on skis.

Third: I could ramp my training back up starting today (Wednesday) or tomorrow (Thursday). Maybe the tiredness in my legs is due to just not doing enough. I haven't done much in the last month (a couple weeks of 40-50 miles), and when you're just starting to run/ski again, your legs will always be tired.

Anyone's thoughts???

Nichole Porath

Nichole is a blogger, elite level runner, and coach. She ran professionally for Brooks for two years after qualifying for the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials. During that time she founded TNC endurance, where she coaches and motivationally speaks to organizations large and small. This blog details her rise to national-level racing, and continues to follow her as she gets back into racing after starting a family. Read on, friends!

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