52 miles -- in 3 days!!

This week is a lot, even by my standards. In the last 24 hours, I've run 30 miles. I took Monday off, but counting Sunday's 22 puts me at 52 in the last 3 training days. My body is responding well (very few aches/pains and almost no soreness, which I'm surprised at), but I do find myself a little more tired generally. I can't imagine keeping this mileage up for very long -- it consumes your life! All I feel like I do is 1) sleep 2) work (2 jobs) and 3) run. It's short term (just two more weeks until I taper!), and I'm really looking forward to having more time for the little things -- errands, the house, etc. I cannot even imagine trying to juggle this with kids. Major props to all the women/men out there who do!!!!

So, what have those 52 miles been? Sunday was my long run (22) which I finished with 3 miles at marathon pace. Tuesday AM was a 5 mile easy run, averaging 8:05 or so. Tuesday PM was 4x1200m VO2 Max workout, and I was surprised how good my legs felt!! Until now, they've felt terrible on my speed days (probably just adjusting to the mileage). Last week I did them in about 4:22. This week I was at 4:13, 4:05, 4:13, 4:06. I felt much stronger and smoother. What a fun feeling! Wednesday was a medium-long run (15 miles, 7:40 pace) which went pretty smooth. I've been having a few stomach issues (feeling very nauseous), and this run was no exception. I really need to do something (change the times I eat? What I eat?), because it makes an otherwise fun easy distance day into a miserable run. Suggestions, anyone?

Me at the end of my 15 miler. Great day!! Gotta love spring :)

Best part about these three days is how I feel -- strong and confident. I really feel like the changes I've made to my training plan are paying off!! Now, I just need to survive the rest of this week and next :). Injuries, stay away.

P.S. I bought Nike Lunar Racers the other day at Run N Fun -- love them!!!!! I did my 1200s in them to test them out, and am hoping to race the Earth Day 20 mile race in them as a test before the marathon.
P.P.S. I was depressed today when I realized that my new training shoes (bought 1.5 weeks ago) already had over 100 miles on them. That means in about 2.5-3 weeks I'll need a new pair :(.

Nichole Porath

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