TNC Results!

Here's just a few of the many successes TNC athletes have enjoyed!

Keith J., WI. After a great winter of training before his high school senior year track season, Keith ran a 2:00 800m (6 second PR!).

Jeff L., MN. Jeff didn't know if he was fast enough to be coached in 2014, but reached out to Coach Nichole just "to see". Since then he has been able to lower his marathon PR by 30 MINUTES: 3:20 to 2:40:05. His next goal is to race in the low to mid 2:30s. Need I say more? He is a believer. You are NEVER too slow or not talented enough to have a coach! It's all about reaching YOUR individual potential, wherever that may be, and having a fun in the process!

Amy O., MN. Amy came to Coach Nichole in 2014 wanting to run a BQ (sub 3:45 for her age). She didn't just meet that goal - she crushed it with a 3:15 debut! At the age of 39, none-the-less! She is now racing amongst the Midwest's elite masters, much to her surprise. She won the Master's division at the 2016 Fargo Marathon in 3:06. She and Coach Nichole are looking ahead to seeing where continued hard work will lead!

Amy (far right) doing a marathon tune-up workout in Northfield with a few other TNC athletes and friends. 

Belle N.
, MN
. Belle is a high school athlete who worked with me during her off-seasons. She had plateaued, unable to break 16:00 in a 4k. We were both so excited when she not only broke 16, but broke 15, notching a 14:59! Wow!

Because I am not a high school coach, I can work with high school athletes out of their competitive season. If you are looking to improve your off-season training and set yourself up for a great XC or Track season, please contact me!
Bart J., MN - Bart came to me a few years after graduating from and running for a D2 college. His 5k PR there was 15:19 and he wanted to see if he could break 15. No small feat! I'm estatic to report he was able to run a 14:55 with 6 months of targeted training. Next up, breaking his marathon PR of 2:30!

Kristy P.W., CA. Kristy was 10 minutes faster in the 2015 Pittsburg marathon than in 2014 in just 3 short months with Coach Nichole.

Kristy (left) after racing the Fast and the Furry 5k
Angela K., MN. Angela had been a competitive triathlete but wanted to focus solely on her marathon training for a while. She was able to debut in a 2:51 after just 6 months of training with Nichole!

Jen (MN) is another very competitive triathlete who reached out to Nichole to help her with her marathon training. Meshing disciplines is challenging, but very do-able.
Sara C, MN. Sara came to Coach Nichole just off of a stress fracture, wanting to lower her marathon PR of 3:25. They took the next 3 months gingerly to balance training and healing, but Sara was still able to run a 12 MINUTE PR at Boston, finishing in 3:13! That fall she ran another 3 minute PR at Twin Cities Marathon (3:10), and in 2016 she ran yet ANOTHER PR at Grandma's Marathon! This woman is on a roll!

Andrew H., TX. Since joining the team in 2014, Andrew has set PRs in EVERY distance he has raced. He is now faster than he was in college, which was over 10 years ago!

Hailey H., AZ. A former DIII National Champion and no stranger to training or hard work, Hailey wanted help with her marathon training. We were able to take off a huge 3 minutes off of her previous PR!

Claire H., MN. Claire considered herself a "hobby jogger", but reached out to Nichole because she just wondered what she could do if she trained a little harder. Low and behold, she became FAST! For her first "A" race with TNC, she ran a 1:37 at the 2013 Fargo 1/2 marathon! She set personal bests in every distance she raced and was floored when she was offered a spot on an elite racing team!

Claire with Nichole at Fargo in 2013
Sharon S., IN. She notched a huge 10 minute PR at Grandma's Marathon in 2014 after having plateaued for years. She finished in 3:18!

Sharon and Nichole after Chicago Marathon in 2013
Michelle B., AK. Since having her first child and joining TNC in 2015, she has notched PRs in EVERY distance she has raced! She recently won Moose's Tooth Marathon in 3:06 just 10 months after her son was born. Other big successes have been a 3 minute 1/2 marathon PR (now 1:24:22!) and a 50 second 5k PR (now 18:30!) -- all within 12 months of personal coaching, and all done post-partum, balancing a newborn, job, and training!

Emily J., MN. Emily was able to run a 16 second 1600m PR!

Erika B., AK. Winner of 2015's Equinox Marathon! Race win recap here.

Lindsey B., MN. In just 4 months, she lowered her 10k PR by 2 minutes (44:45 from 46:41) and her 10 mile PR down to 1:10:18, from 1:14:44.

Coach came out to cheer Lindsey on for her 10 miler!

Does this have you wondering what you might be able to achieve with a personal coach? Check out more information about personal coaching here, and don't hesitate to contact me! 
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