Jenny Wilcox

Who she is:

Jenny Wilcox
Location: Afton, MN
Age: 39

Jenny on the run at Ironman Wisconsin – Sept. 2012
Current PRs:

5k: 18:05  
10k: 37:42  
8k: 30:10 
Half: 1:23:30 
Marathon: 3:00:53 Fargo 2009

Running Goals:

2:59 or less in the marathon and possibly lower other race times in the process J

What keeps you going?

When I was training for long distance triathlons the training would be really challenging sometimes, so I would always joke about keeping my ‘mojo’ going just to keep up with balancing everything in life.

Favorite race distance:

Probably half marathon or 10 mile, it is not too much to train for and you can still walk the next day.

Why did you start working with Nichole/TNC?

To help me train the right way – not over or under train, have more fun with workouts and meet others.

Who are you outside of running? Hobbies? Other fun info?

We have two kids to spend lots of time with, I also enjoy cross country skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, biking and swimming.

Jenny with daughter Nissa (9), husband Jesse, dog Lulu, and son Nate (7)

What would you do if you had an unscheduled day of vacation?

I would get a massage, get a pedicure, maybe go shopping, go running. All of the things I like to do, but don’t have a lot of extra time for them!

Have any social media sights we can check out?

Just Facebook (I don’t have anything else, pretty basic) and Run n Fun race team.

Favorite post workout food?

Any breakfast food, I love biscuits and gravy, pancakes, waffles.

Do you have a favorite shoe brand, model? 

I used Asics forever, then they changed the shoe a few years back – so I started with Mizuno’s a couple of years back, I use the Wave Inspire 9’s for training and racing. I love these shoes so much I have 4 pairs.

Last, any fun facts about yourself? Special talent, or travel experiences?

We bought a house in the country last year and the house is pretty outdated so we have a remodel planned for this summer so we are looking forward to this. 

I am planning on doing a fall marathon, hopefully Chicago. 

My favorite color right now is orange, I have this bright orange rug in my office and I love it because it makes the room light up, I’m the only one in the house that likes it, but that is okay :)

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