1:1 Personal Coaching

I coach runners privately, focusing on the 5k to the marathon, from beginner to elite, helping each individual achieve their maximum potential as a runner. I am fully invested in each athlete, designing individualized near-term and long-term plan that works the best for each athlete and their unique goals and situation. No one is the same, and none of the plans I write are the same.

I've thoroughly enjoyed celebrating hundreds of big successes with my athletes and can't wait to continue to add to our PR and accomplishment list! Check out some of the impressive things TNCers have accomplished on our TNC Results page!

Seriously, check out the results page. It is impressive!

Local TNC athletes meeting in Northfield for a workout with Olympian Caitlin Gregg!
Claire and Nichole after racing the Fargo 1/2 and Full marathon. I'm usually pretty good at predicting finish times, but this time I called her finish time by ONE SECOND. Am I just that good? Or just plain lucky?!? :)
I pride myself on TNC Endurance's team camaraderie. My coaching philosophy entails both a strong relationship between athlete & coach and community among the athletes I coach. So far TNC enjoys a biff pot, periodic sharing of race goals and results and humorous or interesting athlete quotes or experiences (a highlight, to say the least), and a periodic "virtual race" or strength contest among all athletes.

A few of the TNC Endurance athletes having fun before an A race marathon. They successfully recruited Sharon from IN to fly into MN to race with us that year and rented a house for the weekend. Lots of shenanigans, lots of laughs that weekend!
Partly because of the team's success as well as the unique things I do as a coach to create a "team" amongst athletes living across the country (and world!), I was named as a Brooks I.D. Coach in 2016 and 2017. I'm very proud of receiving this distinction!

If you might be interested in joining the team, please contact me at nichole.porath (at) gmail.com and we can talk in more detail. 

1:1 Personal Coaching: 
$150/month; discounts for paying 6+ months at a time. Nutrition help also available, contact me for details & pricing

What's included:
-Initial consultation to discuss running and training history and future goals, race schedule, etc

-Detailed individualized training plan (8-week or 12-week), designed a training-cycle at a time, but updated daily as needed

-Feedback on specific workouts; near unlimited communication via email, text, phone, skype, anything!

-Weekly training plan review, discussion, and modification based on need

-Weekly communication to report results from training, have training paces or other specifics assigned for the following week, and to make any adjustments to the program/training plan that are needed

-$150 off of TNC Endurance Training Camp! Definitely a training highlight!

I host a yearly TNC Endurance Training Camp near Hayward Wisconsin. Everyone is invited!
You can see that we may or may not have run one too many miles (or eaten way too much? Or just plain had too much fun?) during the 2013 camp!
-Discussion of other training and racing topics such as: race prep, nutrition, shoe/clothing selection, race strategy, injury prevention, etc

-Careful attention to all things race-day related: taper, pacing strategy, goal finish time, gear, nutrition, mental preparation.

At the finish of Grandma's marathon in 2014. To date, remembering coaching at this race gives me goosebumps. EVERYONE racing that day notched unbelievable PRs, and I was incredibly proud to watch and cheer for them during the race (pregnant, in my cow suit nonetheless!)
-Discounted rate for work with Dr. David Asp, sports psychologist. He has worked with athletes of every level: Hanson-Brooks, OTQ marathoners, D1 college athletes, high school athletes, and recreational runners. His work does wonders, and I am really excited to be able to offer this perk to my athletes!

-Access to Brooks special pricing 2x/year - who doesn't love awesome running gear at super cheap pricing?!?

Coaching Phone Consultation: $75/call

-For those of you that aren't ready for 1:1 personal coaching, but would like a 30-45 minute phone conversation with Coach Nichole to answer any/all questions running, this is a really popular option! I will schedule a phone or skype conversation to cover as many questions as you want to ask from reviewing and/or editing your current or future training plans, questions on training philosophies, nutrition, race day goals and strategies, cross training, strength training, anything! 

-If you schedule a consult and end up joining the team, $50 will be applied to your 3-month or 6-month fee.

-Contact me to set something up! nichole.porath (at) gmail.com

-Gift Certificates are also available for Phone Consultations and make for a GREAT gift!

Run Happy, Dream Big!

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