About Me

Small-town farm girl. Marshall Senior High, Summa Cum Laude at Gustavus Adolphus College, Finance and Math. MBA at Carlson School of Management. Your basic overachiever. Competitive high school and collegiate runner, but definitely not national-class.

Somehow… 2012 Olympic Trials Qualifier. New PR set at 2:44:12 – 69th place. Then 2 years of professional running for Brooks Running. (say what?) A World Record in the Indoor Marathon.
Zoom Yah Yah Indoor Marathon World Record! 2:57
I did a blog for Brooks that details that journey well – read it here.
Started our beautiful family, then suffered severe un-diagnosed post-partum depression leading to multiple suicide attempts, dangerous drinking (highest BAC of .46…), and multiple psych wards and a 28-day in-patient treatment. 
As if that wasn’t crazy enough… Hypo-manic productivity/excitement turning to hallucinations and yet another psych ward stay a month later. Blog post summarizing the entire "you can't make this stuff up" 6 month journey here.
That episode was meant to be: I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, with symptoms showing only during hormone increases (beginning of pregnancy, stopping breastfeeding). I guess my bi-polar has always allowed me to function at a very high level; I had just never experienced a "low" until post-partum. It all makes sense and now I'm managing mental health very well!
Finance Director at Bethel Lutheran Church. Owner and Head Coach, TNC Endurance. Head Coach, Boys and Girls XC for Northfield High School. Wife to Nathan, my #1 super-fan, and mom to Greta and Anna. Owner of Mesa, a crazy 12-year-old Vizsla that still likes to go for 20 mile runs.
Now digging for sub 2:50 at Grandma’s marathon in June 2018. Then… sub 2:45? A second OTQ? Is it... possible?
Follow along... let’s just see... 🙂