Miles and Miles - A log through 20 weeks of this pregnancy

Training recap, Weeks 1-20

Week 1: Jan 18-24: 72

Week 2: Jan 25-31: 64 mile down week, including the indoor 5k in 19:37 - race recap here.

Week 3: Feb 1-7: 81

Week 4: Feb 8-14: 100

Week 5: Feb 15-21: 82

Week 6: Feb 22-28: 77 - starting to leave out a few of my doubles, just not as motivated :(

Week 7: Feb 29-Mar 6: 72

Week 8: Mar 7-13: 78 - I started tracking what I was eating because I wasn't happy that I thought I was still hanging on to my baby pouch. Blog post here. I also started working on my Diastasis Recti - again, just hoping to gain some semblance of my old stomach back!

Turns out, that pouch/softness was actually baby #2 growing. Ha!
Week 9: Mar 14-20: 73

Finishing up the week by racing the Hot Dash 10 mile with pneumonia - race report here. And, without knowing it, also being 9 weeks pregnant. WHAT?!? I still was able to comfortably hold 6:52 pace. I think I was stronger than I even thought!

Week 10: Mar 21-27: 79

Week 11: Mar 28- April 3: 80

Week 12: April 4-10: 74 - FINDING OUT!!

I took a test the night of April 9th when Nate was out pacing a friend through a 100 miler. I felt a tiny bit nauseous while heading to bed, which was the first pregnancy symptom I noticed. Blog post here!

Nothing like not taking a test to find out you are pregnant until AFTER the first trimester! :)
Week 13: April 11-17: 69

Earth Day 1/2 marathon in 1:35 - SO HOT! I took it easy after about mile 3 because I was worried about how I'd react to running in the heat. Still 6th for women, I'll take it!

Week 14: April 18- 24: 73

Workout highlight was a 21 miler with 2x10 minutes of tempo at the beginning and 15 minutes tempo at the end.

1st 10 minutes: sub 6:50
2nd 10 minutes: sub 6:40
15 minutes @ end: 6:43

What a workout!!!

Week 15: April 25- May 1: 80 miles total, including a sub-6 minute mile at the Gustavus Alumni meet (women's overall winner) and another win at the Defeat the Stigma 10k!

I also logged a great 11 mile workout with 8x5 minutes of tempo pace (30 seconds of rest) with Teresa. I hit ~6:35-38 pace for the first 4 reps, then dropped closer to 6:30s for the last 4, leaving my workout partner a little ways behind me. Not bad for a 15 week pregnant mama! :)

Week 16: May 2- 8: 60. NOT motivated at all :(

Week 17: May 9-15: 57

The highlight was logging a 200 in :39. I was proud of myself. I wonder what people thought as they passed the track. There's an obviously pregnant woman trying to sprint around a track, with her very pasty, big belly showing. Awesome.

Finally taking my first "bump" photos @ 17 weeks
Like most second children, I'm guessing, baby #2 will likely have about 1/2 of the weekly photos that Greta did.

I also look at my pregnancy tracker about every 3 weeks when I look down and think, "Gosh! How did I get this big? How big is this kiddo now, anyway?"...
... which is in sharp contrast to the first time around, when I read those updates daily (and sometimes twice when I'd read them later to Nathan).
Week 18: May 16-22: 36 miles, with THREE days off. The start of a decline?

I took two days off before the Fast and the Furry 5k (totally unmotivated), and my legs felt so weird during the warmup before the race! Ug. I probably shouldn't take more than a day off at a time anymore, but it's so easy just to say, "Eh... it doesn't matter!". I also took the day off after the race. Ug.

The highlight of the week was definitely the race. Mesa and I finished 3rd place overall (1st female) in 19:36! Blog recap by Mesa here. Interestingly, 1 second faster than my indoor 5k right at the time I got pregnant. This time I had a lot of help from Mesa, though :)

Can't wait to race this again next year, NOT pregnant! :)
Week 19: May 23-29: 62 miles, including 800s in sub 3:00!! Holy, moly! I'll take it!

Week 20: May 30-June 5: 53 miles, including 800s in 3:07-3:08 (done while coaching others at TNC camp so pacing was a little erratic). Lots of miles logged during camp - not so many miles logged the week beforehand :)

=1,422 miles through 1/2 way into the pregnancy!

Now... just need to make it through this last week - Grandma's marathon is THIS SATURDAY. Eeek! I'm still planning on running the full marathon, just taking it easy and watching the heat. I'm assuming that I'll be taking a few bathroom and walk breaks along the 26.2 mile journey!

Nichole Porath

Nichole is a blogger, elite level runner, and coach. She ran professionally for Brooks for two years after qualifying for the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials. During that time she founded TNC endurance, where she coaches and motivationally speaks to organizations large and small. This blog details her rise to national-level racing, and continues to follow her as she gets back into racing after starting a family. Read on, friends!


  1. That is a ton of miles for a pregnant mama! Congrats! I definitely did not feel that well to run much when I was pregnant. We'll see if the second time around goes any better, which is yet to be determined when that will happen.

    1. May it will... but honestly, all that matters is getting back to it after baby comes, and it looks like you've all but aced that one! :)

  2. Wow! It really admires you - a great pregnant! the son will surely be strong as his mother! I like...