Track Workout Friday = Trashed Legs Saturday

To cap off Week 5, I had a fun session scheduled on the track. As always, when you try to get back to moving faster (or try training a different system for the first time in a while), it's a little bit of a struggle.

I also think it's because I have a slight head cold (again, I never really "fully" get sick - just there as a mild irritation), but excuses aside...

Workout goal: 6x1000m in 3:20, 4x400 in 75 (I have YET to be able to run a 75 - but I'll keep trying!)

Actual: 3:26, 3:29, 3:26, 3:26, 3:29 (I think?), 78, 78, 78, 76 (so close!)

So, not my best day, but a good session nonetheless. I was accompanied by Craig, who had recruited THREE of his work buddies to come along. Seriously... where do things like this happen? 5 people on a track doing 1000s over a lunch hour? I love Northfield :).

Fun times at Carleton's Outdoor Track. Should have taken a picture of our group... next time :)
Saturday was an easy 13 miler, and Nate and I met another friend for that. I was glad for the company - part way through my hamstrings were just aching with fatigue. I don't know if I could have gone faster if I would have wanted to! It's sometimes good to just push through that, so I'm glad I was with people which didn't allow me just to stop and "stretch" a couple of times.

Tomorrow is 10-13. What a light weekend! The first half of next week will be lighter as well, which should *hopefully* have the legs starting to feel a little more fresh for the last month of training! Yipee!!

Question: Our garden tomatoes did particularly well this year. We're making pasta sauce tomorrow, think we'll try chili and freeze that as well, thanks to some awesome Facebook suggestions. What have you made with fresh tomatoes? Any other fun recipes, either fresh, frozen, or canned?

Our garden has been amazing!! *Love*

Nichole Porath

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