My cooking self!

I've been looking for an apron for a long time. I think it was fate that Nate and I ventured to a garage  sale (appropriate sign: Run to this sale!) where they had two aprons hanging for sale. I tried them on and they were a little big, but still would work.  I asked the woman selling them more info on them.

Long story short, we began talking and she offered to have her mother (90+) make a custom one for me! I dropped by with a few print ideas, and ultimately was given the choice of two BEAUTIFUL aprons.

Isn't this one just perfect? I am in love!!

So, let the cooking adventures begin (or continue!). :)  Since I'll be needing to watch things/plan things as carefully as I can for Chicago! Plus, I just love cooking things fresh, healthy, and with what I call "beautiful food" :)

My mom will drop her jaw... Nichole, cooking?!? And specifically looking for an apron to cook in? Where is this coming from????

Had to try the apron out tonight! Tofu mushroom asparagus cilantro stir fry. So good! Even Mesa is interested!
PS - Sorry for the mess in the kitchen! But I guess that's representative of  me...  I'm not an organized or great cook... hence the need for an apron!

Nichole Porath

Nichole is a blogger, elite level runner, and coach. She ran professionally for Brooks for two years after qualifying for the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials. During that time she founded TNC endurance, where she coaches and motivationally speaks to organizations large and small. This blog details her rise to national-level racing, and continues to follow her as she gets back into racing after starting a family. Read on, friends!


  1. Love that apron! It almost has a drop waist affect with the second band toward the bottom. How cool that it's custom made :)Mesa is patiently waiting for mommy to drop something, haha!