Making the most of it!

Since there's no race, I've been trying to make the best of our time here.  Today I don't know if I succeeded in that (as far as getting out and seeing the city) - but mentally, I'm much better than I was yesterday.

First: updates from the race:  They held a conference for the pro athletes at 11 (which was postponed until 12, and then didn't actually start until 12:45) to let us know what was still happening.  Meals are still all a go; if you want to change your flight, expect to pay a lot; logistics like that.  Mary addressed the group as well, talking about how difficult this decision was and how the NYRR aim to make this as good of a stay for us in NY.  They have really done a lot, considering the circumstances.  I have a lot of respect for Mary, David, and the rest of her team.  I really hope someday I'll be able to race for them.

See Nate's legs in the ABC News picture :) 

Second: updates on my plans: I think I'm going to target CIM on December 2nd.  There is still a small part of me that is mentally fried - it was such a long training cycle (a full 4 months), I was so mentally psyched for the race (basically all my prep focused on the streets of NY, the pack of women I wanted to hang with etc), that I know it'll be hard to re-focus that excitement and energy into another race.  My body is a little banged up as well, this darn hamstring is SO tight.  But, there's another part of me that wants to set a new PR.  Wish I knew for sure if a PR was in the cards.  If not, I think I'd take some downtime.  If yes, then I'd charge ahead. 

And because I really think I am faster/more fit than ever before, I think I'll try to create a training plan for CIM.  Philly is another option, but with a big presentation at work that week, I don't know if the timing is the best.  We'll see what Jerry has to say. 

So... anyone know of someone I could stay with in Sacramento? :)  Seriously!!

Third: other updates: I've met some really cool (and very fast!) people out here.  Today I had dinner with Katie Dicamillo (35:01 10ker), Scott Bauhs (27:48 10ker), Andrew Carlson (Team USA MN), and Tim Ritchie.  Tomorrow I've been invited to do a long run with Katie, Kim Smith, and Amy Hastings.  I told Katie I'd try to keep up as long as I could...

Nichole Porath

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