5K this weekend

I'm getting pretty excited to race this weekend! I don't race often during a training cycle, so it's a real treat when I get to look forward to one.

First, let's revisit the goals I laid out for myself back in November of 2010. I haven't raced nearly as often as I laid out here, but crazily enough, I'm right where I wanted to be.

January I ran a 17:52 5k, on a no-so-great day for me. 2 seconds off of my goal of 17:50.
I didn't race again until the 8k in March, where I ran a 29:19 (goal back in November was 29:20). So throughout 6 months of training, I've been within 1-2 seconds of my goals. Not too bad :)!!

The goal I originally laid out for myself for the GAC Alumni race was a sub 17:30. Uff. My previous best has been a low 17:40 (even in college). Despite how fast that seems, I feel like I have a good shot at it. The stadium record is currently 17:34, and I would LOVE nothing more than to break that :). That's really what I'm gunning for -- sub 17:30 would be even better.

So, just have to try for it. 17:30 = 42s for 200, 1:24 for 400 (a couple of 1:23s would help), 5:36/mile. Then I'm just hoping that I have a little bit extra in the legs for the last mile or so. Ohh -- just mapping out a goal makes me excited about it!! Can't wait!

Weather forecast currently: 14 MPH wind, 45 degrees, chance of showers. Hmm. Can someone please work on that for me? At least the wind part?

Nichole Porath

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  1. How did the Alumni 5K go? was thinking of you during my race yesterday.