Another workout that looked impossible...

And it went GREAT!

Like, seriously great. :)

I decided to do these on a treadmill becuase it was pouring out all evening. Nate snuck a picture, I'll post it later today. :)

Workout: 20 min warm up, 20 minute tempo, 20 minutes easy, 20 minutes tempo, 20 min CD

I thought to myself, there's no way... last week I couldn't make it through the 4x10 minutes of tempo! And prior to that, all of my tempo workouts were less than 6 minutes in length. 20 minutes tonight?!? And two of them?

But my legs felt GREAT, and my lungs weren't really working!! The first repeat finished, and I went 3.24 miles. That's 6:10 pace. The next I went to 6:06 pace, covering 3.28 miles (if it was just a 5k that would have been a 18:55). Again, I just felt strong. What a great feeling!!!

The last two workouts have been such confidence boosters for me -- keep 'em coming!

Nichole Porath

Nichole is a blogger, elite level runner, and coach. She ran professionally for Brooks for two years after qualifying for the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials. During that time she founded TNC endurance, where she coaches and motivationally speaks to organizations large and small. This blog details her rise to national-level racing, and continues to follow her as she gets back into racing after starting a family. Read on, friends!

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