Gotta love those little breakthroughs. Last night was one of them.

Workout was 6x5 minutes at tempo (which by the VDOT recommendations, is 6:05 to 6:15). Because the last time I did it I was dying after just doing 3 or 4 reps, I thought I'd really die...

But it went GREAT!

First two in 6:15 pace (again, I was taking it slower to make sure I could finish... I was doubtful)
Next 2 in 6:09
Next in 6:06
Last in 6:01 (oops, got carried away for a minute until I looked at my watch and corrected myself)
1 minute jog between each

I felt totally in control and relaxed. Only working a little bit the last 2.

To give you an idea of the last few workouts:
6/22: 3x5 minutes by HR (193), pace was 6:20. Felt awful. I actually think my HR went up to close to 200 on the third one. Equal rest.
6/29: 4x5 minutes. Pace 6:11-6:14. HR 192-193. 3 minutes rest?

And today my legs have that "we did a longer quicker workout, but it wasn't too hard and we're recoverying quick" feeling. Wow - I've missed this feeling! Guess I didn't realized I hadn't felt this way yet until today.

YEAH for breakthroughs!

Nichole Porath

Nichole is a blogger, elite level runner, and coach. She ran professionally for Brooks for two years after qualifying for the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials. During that time she founded TNC endurance, where she coaches and motivationally speaks to organizations large and small. This blog details her rise to national-level racing, and continues to follow her as she gets back into racing after starting a family. Read on, friends!

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